Water Filter World

Water Filter World supplies a wide range of water treatment equipment and accessories. From domestic under sink  kitchen filters, replacement filter cartridges, sediment cartridges, drinking faucets, to ultra violet systems and replacement ultra violet lamps.

We have a wide range of high quality drinking taps to choose from with their own stylish features, as well as a large variety of complete water filter kits which include our heavy metal Deluxe cartridge, our lime Scale Stopper cartridge or our basic carbon filter, the Taste Good cartridge.

For home drinking water we supply some of the best filters around and you can upgrade your drinking tap to suit your kitchen.

Our cartridge filter housings make it simple and easy to replace your water filter cartridge when required.

Our domestic water filters are a great way of non-chemical water treatment to give you good tasting, clean, pure water on tap at home. As water treatment specialists we believe domestic water filters should utilise non-chemical water treatment methods.

Water filters for home use are a great way to save money, save work and help the environment.

This website should be able to help you decide what water treatment system is right for you.

You can read information about all of our filter systems on this website and purchase a new filter system, replacement cartridge or any other products we sell there and then. We can answer your questions via email or if you would like to speak to one of our technical advisers send an email to wfw@water-filter-world.co.uk containing details of your enquiry, name and phone number and we will call you back.