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Heavy Metal 10" Cartridge Water Filter System - CRTSYST10H

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Quick Overview

Improves Taste & Odour Of The Water
Reduces Chlorine, Toxins, Fluorides, Assorted Herbicides & Pesticides
Reduce Heavy Metals
Effective Against Nitrates

WRAS Approved Cartridge

Heavy Metal 10" Cartridge Water Filter System

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  • Heavy Metal 10" Cartridge Water Filter System


This filter system is supplied with a standard drinking tap (drinking tap 6). Please make sure that this tap is selected in the drop down menu if you do not wish to upgrade your tap. If you would like to upgrade the tap please select from the drop down menu.

This water filter system will...

Improve the taste and odour of the water
Reduce chlorine, toxins, fluoride, assorted herbicides & pesticides
Reduce heavy metals
Effective nitrates

What Is The Deluxe filter System?

The Deluxe water filtration system fits neatly under your kitchen sink, this is commonly known as an under counter filter system. The water filter system has it’s own drinking faucet separate from your kitchen tap. The water filter housing is called a 10” Baby Blue filter housing. You change your water filter cartridge every six months, so you can change the type of water filter cartridge if your requirements of the water filter change. This is a complete water filter system it comes with everything you need to get started including easy to follow fitting instructions. As an added bonus we operate a free of charge email reminder system so you wont forget to change your water filter cartridge!

What The Cartridge Does

The Deluxe water filter cartridge is a 10” cartridge that fits into the Baby Blue filter housing. The water filter cartridge will give you great tasting, high quality drinking water on tap at home. The water filter cartridge will filter 7000ltrs of water and lasts up to six months. The Deluxe water filter cartridge is unique because it has the same filter media as standard activated carbon filters, which will reduce chlorine and toxins, fluorides, assorted herbicides & pesticides. So it will improve the taste and odour of the water. It also has another filter media, which will reduce a wide range of heavy metals and will be effective against nitrates. The table below will name some of the metals the filter cartridge is effective against and will demonstrate the reduction percentage. Contaminants such as Chloroform, Trichloreethane and Lindane were put through the filter at twice the EC allowable levels and were undetectable in the filtered water.

How The Filter Cartridge Works

The water filter cartridge fits inside the Baby Blue housing. The contaminated mains water flows into the Baby Blue housing and surrounds the water filter cartridge. When the drinking tap is opened, water flows up through the bottom of the filter cartridge into the first layer of filter media. This layer will reduce the heavy metals, fluoride and nitrates. The water then goes into the second layer of filter media called carbon, this is the layer that will make the water taste and smell better. The water then goes out through the top of the filter cartridge, out the baby blue housing to give you clean water out of the drinking tap.


Replace water filter cartridge every six months.

Metal Volume Input ngml –1(ppb) Volume Output ngml -1(ppb) Reduction%
Arsenic (As) 70.00 2.00 97.14
Bismuth (Bi) 36.00 0.50 98.61
Cadmium (Cd) 660.00 1.40 99.79
Cesium (Cs) 55.00 0.50 99.09
Chromium (Cr) 57.00 1.10 98.07
Cobalt (Co) 50.00 0.50 99.00
Copper (Cu) 500.00 4.00 99.20
Iron (Fe) 750.00 150.00 80.00
Lanthanum (La) 52.00 0.50 99.04
Lead (Pb) 69.00 0.50 99.28
Manganese (Mn) 102.00 0.50 99.51
Mercury (Hg) 96.00 0.50 99.48
Molybdenum (Mo) 48.00 4.40 90.83
Nickel (Ni) 54.00 0.50 99.07
Rubidium (Rb) 63.00 9.00 85.71
Silver (Ag) 2.00 6.00 -
Tin (Sn) 45.00 0.50 98.89
Tellurium (Te) 67.00 0.50 99.25
Uranium (U) 61.00 0.50 99.18
Zinc (Zn) 490.00 58.00 88.16
Chloroform 48.00 0.00 100.00
Trichloroethane 45.00 0.00 100.00
Lindane 11.00 0.00 100.00
  µg ml –1ppm µg ml –1ppm  
Calcium (Ca) 42.60 42.54 0.14
Magnesium (Mg) 4.40 4.42 -0.45
Nitrate 3.20 0.50 84.38

Working Specs

Throughput: 7,000 litres
Expected life: 6 months
Min pressure: 15 psi
Max pressure: 100 psi
Max temp: 50°C
Pressure drop: 2 psi