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Sediment Removal Systems & Replacement Cartridges

Sediment Removal Systems & Replacement Cartridges

Sediment water filters commonly know as Pre-Filters or Post filters are an effective and inexpensive way to protect and help other filters work to there full potential. Sediment water filters are purely fitted to remove sediment and particles from the water they will not improve the taste or odour of the drinking water. Sediment filters are a physical block to catch the sediment in the water.

 A Pre-filter is fitted before any type of water filter or sensitive equipment where as a sediment post filter is normally fitted after all the filtration equipment. Sediment post filters are normally fitted to prevent the escape of any particles from the filters into the rest of the system as a last line of defence.

A sediment water filter system consists of cartridge housing and a string wound sediment filter cartridge. The cartridge housings are available in 10” & 20" standard diameter as well as 10” & 20" big blue housings with a wide diameter.

The sediment cartridges are available in 1, 5, 10 & 20 micron ratings for each size of cartridge housing. The sediment filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months to one year depending on water quality. Where the water quality is very poor we have an auto clean sediment system that you can flush out all the sediment when needed without even having to turn of the water or undo any pipe work. We also have washable cartridges that go into our standard and big blue housings. You simply wash them of and reuse again.

We recommend fitting a 5 micron sediment water filter before any ultraviolet water sterilisers (UV) and other sensitive water treatment equipment. UV's need clear water so the ultraviolet light can kill the bacteria. If there are sediment partials in the water this may stop the ultra violet light killing all the bacteria.

 Fitting a pre-filter to other types of filtration equipment can also be beneficial. Stopping the sediment going into a filter that has moving parts or expensive filter media can help to prolong the filter life and the workings. By capturing the sediment before it gets inside the filter and clogs it up. This can lead to expensive valve repairs or even having to replace the filtration media inside the water filter itself.