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Water Filters & Replacements

Water Filters & Replacements

Water filters are a great way to save time, money and even help the environment. They fit neatly underneath your kitchen sink to supply you with fresh, great tasting drinking water on tap in your own home.

If your water tastes and smells bad a water filter is the ideal solution. It costs under 1p per litre and you don’t have to go to the shop to buy bottled water so not only do our water filters give you great tasting wholesome drinking water they will save you time and money.

All our under counter & under sink cartridge system water filter ranges reduce chemicals such as chlorine which can make the water taste and smell bad as well as reducing other toxins and assorted herbicides & pesticides. Our heavy metal reduction water filters will not only improve the taste and smell of the drinking water but will also reduce a wide verity of heavy metals form the drinking water such as lead, aluminium and many more. The heavy metal range is also effective against fluoride & nitrates.

We have a verity of under sink water filter systems to suite our customers needs and specially designed for easy DIY home installation. Our under counter filters have simple push fitting connectors that are fitted at the point of manufacture so when you replace the filter there is no need for any tools or plumbers. The model you need is dependant on your family size & the life span of the filters range from 6 months to 2 years.

The granular activated carbon (GAC) we use in our water filters is bacteriostatic to help prevent bacteria growth inside the filter.

Our under counter filters and under sink cartridge water filters are WRAS (water regulations advisory scheme) certified. This means the water filters comply with the regulations and will not add anything harmful to the drinking water.

Standard carbon systems 

Improves the taste and odour of the drinking water, reduces chlorine, toxins & assorted herbicides & pesticides.

Lime scale inhibitor filter systems

Improves the taste and odour of the drinking water, reduces chlorine, toxins, assorted herbicides & pesticides, inhibits lime scale formation but leaves the calcium in the water as calcium is good for you.

Heavy metal reduction systems

Improves the taste and odour of the drinking water, reduces chlorine, toxins, fluoride, assorted herbicides & pesticides as well as dealing with a wide range of heavy metals such as lead and many, many more. This top of the range water filter system is also effective against nitrates.