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Water Filter Tap & Triple Flow Taps

Water Filter Tap & Triple Flow Taps

We supply a large range of high quality single flow water filter taps as well as triple flow taps. Single flow taps sit on the corner of your sink or worktop and are connected to a water filter to supply only filtered water. We stock a large range of tap adaptors that can easily be fitted to the tap shank so the water filter tap can be fitted to other makes of water filter systems.

Triple flow taps supply hot, cold and filtered water so there is no need for and extra taps on your sink or worktop. Triple flow taps are a brilliant solution if you have marble or granite worktops or just like to have a tap that does it all.

We have a high quality bubbler tap for use with drinking fountains. The bubbler tap has an adjustable flow setting.

We have a large range of water filter accessories such as pipe, fittings, tap adapters, pressure protection valves if you can’t find it on feel free to email us we probably have it.