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What Is A Water Filter

What Is A Water Filter

Water filters come in many different shapes and sizes. Some systems have a single unit and others use different types of filters fitted together to get the required water quality needed.

A water filter is used for removing unwanted contaminates or partials out of the drinking water to make it safe to drink or taste better.

Some water filters contain a single type of media such as carbon to improve the taste and odour of drinking water by removing the chlorine from tapn water.

Different types of filtration media can be used together in the same filter unit so it can remove multiple contaminates from the drinking water depending on the filters application.

Some systems do not contain any type of filter media and are just a physical filter. This type of filter is normally used for removing sediment from the water.

Ultraviolet water sterilizes sometimes known as a UV filter do not actually filter anything from the water as they do not take anything out. Ultraviolet water sterilizer gives off strong ultraviolet rays that kill bacteria in the drinking water.